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Why Painter ForTheDay?

Painter ForTheDay was create to remove the painstaking process of: calling, scheudling quotes, home visits, missed appointments, quotes that range dramatically... and the list goes on. It's exhausting!!


Painter ForTheDay's proprietary booking app allows clients to customize their house painting project. Whether you are painting in Cambridge Ontario, Milton Ontario, or painting in Toronto, we offer the same service and consistent pricing. We match affordability, quality, and an Amazing experience to every client that uses our services for their painting project.

You simple select the number of days that you would like a painter to paint. Book a date to start. Pay a small deposit. AND YOU DONE! Point. Click. Paint. :)

Further we hire fully vetted painters for our projects, and we 100% GUARANTEE their work. We will fix any problems, at no charge to you, until you are fully satisfied with our experience.

The painting contracting industry, and for that matter the construction industry as a whole, has had no real innovation for decades. We are looking to dramatically change that!

No more waiting for return calls and not starting your project for weeks due to delays in getting someone to come to you and quote. And don't wait at home for no shows!

Get your quote on your time, and at your convenience!

Best of all.... Our software will provide a final price, not a 'guess'. The price WILL NOT CHANGE when the painter arrives, unless you change the number of days you would like to the painter at your home.

POINT. CLICK. PAINT. Its that easy!

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