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DIY Painting

Painting your house is great way to renew a home’s look and feel on a budget. You can refresh you bedroom walls, brighten up a bathroom, make a child’s bedroom fun and exciting, even change the colour of your kitchen cabinets. All with a coat of paint!(maybe 2 coats 😊)

Once you’ve decided to take the plunge into a large painting project, you have a couple decisions to make. First is paint brand, there are many factors to look at as each brand has many different levels of quality which increase or decrease the price. Once you’ve decided on a paint brand and type, its time to pick a colour(s). You will need to know how much paint to buy. You can use our simple tool, by clicking here, to estimate how much paint you will need. Now you’re ready to hire a painter, and you have all your paint ready to go.

So now you’ve got a head start right? Maybe not…

Many factors come into play when selecting paint for a project that you may not know. When using our online system we will identify the best paint for your specific application, and purchasing through us will also save you money and time! The painter will simply bring it or we will have it delivered to your door.

PainterFAST has thought of everything. The reason we created our online pricing tool, was to take all of the avoidable pains of hiring an interior painting contractor out of the equations. Based on your selections we will recommend the proper paint ensuring that you have exactly what you need. And we will save you at least 20% off retail prices! Stop waiting, start painting!

No multiple quotes. No waiting for a painter that doesn’t show up to quote. When you are finished our free online painting quote, your final price after applicable taxes and paint will be the FINAL PRICE. Guaranteed!

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