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Meet the TEAM


Gary Enns Chief Executive Officer

Hi! We are ecstatic that you are here and reading this :)

From VERY early on I wanted to be my own boss. Call the shots... and so on. Well it turns out the nature of Leadership, if done correctly in my opinion, is that of a servant. My first duty is to the people that work with me. If they feel as though they are valued and have 'real' input into their work environment, then that will translate into valuing our clients and their needs. So it would seem that by finally becoming a Leader, I am now serving.

My hope is to continually grow our business by satisfying the needs of the people who work at PainterFAST so they have the tools to be able to satisfy the needs of our clients.

Further, I have a big heart for giving. And I believe that this business can be a mechanism to help give local charities more resources.


Danielle White 

WSIB and HR consultant

Melissa has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Western University. Her area of work is in WSIB and HR policy and procedure. She was critical in the creation of our painter vetting process, helping us ensure that we were meeting all necessary regulations.

The value of Melissa's assistance in our company can not be overstated, We look forward to continuing our work with her as we begin on-boarding painters, and office staff to our team.


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