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Colour Consulting

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We’ll pay your a home visit and ask lots of questions so we can get to know you better. We’ll discuss in detail the spaces you want to paint and, as part of the package, we will recommend matching furniture and accent pieces.

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Working with a color consultant can save you time because they have already researched the best color combinations for you. You won't have to pore over hundreds of colours because your consultant can narrow down your choices after just the first meeting. 

Every time you purchase a sample can of paint it costs you money, and yet you are no closer to choosing a color palette for your home. While it may seem lavish to hire a color consultant, you are saving time and money sorting through the wrong colors for days or weeks. 

Our colour consultants will sometimes play mediator when two people can't agree on a colour palette for the home. They will find creative ways to include each persons tastes into the design. You avoid the arguments that normally occur when changing the look of your home. 

Residential Consulting

Your home is a place that represents who you are. The colours in your home should represent you and your personality. The colour of the paint in your home can effect your mood, and creativity. We will help you pick colours that fit your personality and lifestyle. Picking colours for your home can be very challenging, but we are here to help!

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Commercial Consulting

Did you know that painting your office can increase productivity? It's true!

There are colours that can increase creativity and productivity in the workplace. Let our consulting team show you how!

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our painting.

If not we will send someone immediately, at NO CHARGE, to repair your painting job until you are!




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