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Painters, On-Demand,

And Insured!

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Why PainterFAST?

No more waiting for contractors who don't show up for quotes!

No more guessing which price is the best deal.

Pricing is all done online! At your convenience, when you have time.

Our pricing is fair and a  well researched industry standard.

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No awkward moments come time to pay!

Our system automatically debits your provided payment option upon job completion. Kinda like Uber!

Home Owners

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We connect home owners with painters.

Point. Click. Paint.


House / Townhouse

Condo / Apartment


House and townhouse painting:

We can paint a room, or we can offer entire home painting. Our painting pricing tool offers instant pricing and it's free! Add and Subtract project scope and watch the price change instantly.

No hidden fees!

Condo painting and townhouse painting: We are condo painting specialists! We can offer advice and help as it regards contacting your main office for elevator booking, and work permissions, if needed. We're here to help.

Our kitchen painting contractors are the best in the business. Painting/Staining your kitchen has never been easier. Use our simple online pricing tool to get your instant price. No emails, no gimmicks.

We guarantee you will be 100% satisfied with our painting.

If not we will send someone immediately, at NO CHARGE, to repair your painting job until you are!




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