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Have a larger job?

For smaller jobs keep reading 

Need some help with...

- Getting started?

- Edging around doors and ceilings

We've got the Answer!
Book a PainterForTheDAY!

- Ceilings only

- Paint walls in  two small / med rooms

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Why PainterForTheDay?

Home Owners

home owner looking for painter

We connect home owners with painters.

Point. Click. Paint.

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No more waiting for contractors who don't show up for quotes!


Pricing is by the day. Simple as that!

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No more guessing if your painting contractor will do a good job.


We 100% guarantee your satisfaction and we will fix it until you are!

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No more missing quote appointments because a job is running overtime.


Our jobs are already quoted and ready for you to start!

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Exceptional work will not go unnoticed


We offer monetary rewards for exceptional service!

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No awkward moments come time to pay!


Our system automatically debits your provided payment option upon job completion. Kinda like Uber!

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No more awkward moments when its time to ask for money.


Once you've completed an amazing finished product. Simple use your app to let us know. We will pay you immediately! Kinda like Uber!


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Book a day that works for YOU

Pay a small deposit



Select Your FREE
2 Gallons of Paint

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Here's how we help you...

We are the ONLY CANADIAN painting services company that can provide online pricing and project time frames, and can begin painting within 1 week! 

But, of course, we are flexible to our customers’ schedules. You book your painting project on a day that suits you best.

Your house deserves to be treated with care. We only hire licensed and insured house painters, vetted for quality and professional attitude. All stages of our painting services are all included in your pricing, as is courtesy and respect.

Although we have succumb to the fact that we can't please everyone, we to aim to try at every turn. We will always go the extra mile to ensure a satisfied customer is the outcome of every project. That is why we provide you with all the tools necessary to help us give you a great experience.

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